Tallaght Person of the Year 2023

Terms & Conditions

  1. The awards are run by a team of volunteers on the apolitical Tallaght Community Council, a registered charity, in existence for over 40 years in Tallaght. The awards are intended to appreciate and public ally recognise the unsung heroes in the Tallaght community, who are positive community forces in the towns lands of Tallaght.
  2. Nominations for these awards can be made by anyone on the official forms or online. The nominator is liable for the content of their nomination. Nominations must be made in good faith. 
  3. Nominees for the awards must be living people or active groups who live or work in the civil parish of Tallaght, the postal area of Dublin 24.
  4. Reducing Potential Conflicts of Interests
    To avoid any conflicts of interest, voluntary members of Tallaght Community Council (TCC) waive their eligibility to be nominees in these awards. This applies to current committee members and members for up to 36 months after they stand down from the council – thus allowing the sufficient passage of time from being part of the organising committee of the awards and any potential nomination. To clarify corporate sponsorship and donations to the awards are made solely on a transparent commercial or corporate social responsibility basis and are publicly acknowledged in awards materials and advertising. They are completely separate and independent to the judging process.
  5. There are a maximum of nine categories and nine category winners, Arts & Culture, Business, Community, Learning & Innovation, Environment, Heart of Gold (under 18 years old), Special Needs and Carers, Sports, and Youth.
  6. Category winners will not be eligible to be the Tallaght Person of the Year winner i.e. one person, club, organisation or business can not be a category winner and the Tallaght Person of the Year in the same year.
  7. All nominations must be submitted through our official online nomination form.
  8. Nominations must be completed will full details, including full nominator´s name & address to ensure the committee or judges can validate the nomination is for a real person and or a real organisation.
  9. The nominations must be received within the official nomination time period and before the closing date & time as advised by the organisers.
  10. Nominees are encouraged to include as much detail about the work of the volunteer´s or active citizen on the nomination form as possible as the judges will not have access to further information other than the nomination forms. Additional information such as photographs or press cuttings can be submitted to support the nomination.
  11. Tallaght Community Council may re-assign the nomination from time to time to a different category if there is a better / more appropriate fit based on the content of the nomination or they believe there was a error made on the nomination form.
  12. Tallaght Community Council (TCC) may assume that valid nominations ( submitted via official routes, by real individuals or organisations, for a living, eligible person or group) have been submitted in good faith and contain an accurate account of the person of group in the category they are being nominated for. TCC cannot be held liable for the content of any nomination submitted by nominators, it is assumed nominations are made in good faith by the nominators.
  13. Category winners ( individuals, groups, organisations or businesses) and the overall Tallaght Person of the Year cannot hold the title two consecutive years, unless they have are being nominated for a significantly different activity, achievement or community contribution. This is to enable as many people and groups in the community as possible to be recognised each year.
    Heart of Gold Category – This category is intended as a one-off award for juniors, nominations for the same junior volunteer cannot be made in consecutive years or repeatedly for the same activity / initiative. This is to enable the awards recognise as many worthy nominees as possible. 
  14. In cases where nominations for groups, organisations and businesses are received as well as nominations for the individual founders, chairperson, owners or MDs of the organisation or business, they will be counted as one single nomination and not two separate nominations. If the awards cannot be held due to public health restrictions, force majeure events, or any other circumstances that make proceeding with the awards untenable, TCC may extend the term of office of the outgoing winners for another year. This will be done by agreement with the winners.
  15. The judging will take place before the awards dinner in the Tallaght Community Council offices, in closed room conditions. 
  16. The judges are composed of a minimum of four judges and are from organisations outside Tallaght Community Council.
  17. Each nomination will be reviewed and assessed by the judging panel. There are judging criteria which include Passion and Commitment, Volunteerism, Impact of volunteering on Others. These criteria may be changed by the Tallaght Community Council at any time.
  18. The Tallaght Person of the Year will be awarded a chain of office and will be asked to participate in a number of local public events during the year after they are announced winner. These will be advised in advance by Tallaght Community Council. These may fall during the day from time to time. The Tallaght Person of the Year is an ambassador for the Tallaght community at formal events. The role holder must be of good character, be a positive role model as well as a positive representative of Tallaght and the voluntary TCC.
  19. The overall winner will be an individual and not a group, unless in very exceptional circumstances.
  20. Tallaght Community Council reserve the right to award additional Merit awards, from time to time, to individuals or groups among the nominees.
  21. Tallaght Community Council reserve the right to eliminate any nomination where, 
    a. the identity of the nominator or nominee cannot be validated by reasonable means by the volunteer committee, 
    b.  if it has the potential to contravene public safety or cause offence, 
    c. if a nomination is deemed to be a deliberate nuisance by the committee, 
    d. Is not apolitical or 
    e. is a sitting politician or election candidate 
    f. The nominee has acted in any way to bring any negative publicity to TCC or the awards.  
    g. The group, business or individual has not been actively volunteering, in business, registered or constituted for more than 12 consecutive months before the opening of the nomination window. In judging these matters the committee decision, or that of a delegated subcommittee is final.
  22. The overall winner must be of good character, as well as being a positive ambassador & role model for Tallaght.
  23. Any nominees, current category winner or overall winner who is confirmed to have acted in a way to negatively reflect on the awards or bring the awards or the TPOTY role into disrepute, will be disqualified from the awards competition or have the award rescinded. In this case, TCC reserve the right to represent the award to the runner up in the category or overall awards.
  24. Canvassing automatically disqualifies.
  25. Possession of an awards ticket does not guarantee entry on the night.
  26. TCC reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
  27. GDPR – Our Policy
    We collect information that is voluntarily submitted for the purposes of this annual award giving. The nomination information is held for not more than 13 month in a forms database and is not shared with third parties. The nominee information is solely used for the awards judging purposes only. The full database is deleted not more than 13 months after the winners have been announced.


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